Digital Signage has been growing in the past few years! And not just on giant billboards and the sides of buildings. More and more restaurants, bars, and small retail shops, have been utilizing them. They can even be seen in small mom-and-pop owned establishments. This is why Total Merchant Supply will now be offering Digital Signage solutions to the Charlotte market. Digital Signage has a number of benefits and features for both restaurants and retail businesses alike. Make sure that your brand message is heard! Digital Signage is beneficial for both Restaurant and Retail businesses… Restaurants In a fast food, counter service restaurant, or in a Deli/Bakery/Seafood market; Digital Signage can really grab your eye when it’s being used as a menu board. Apart from showing what you sell and the price, in the same attractive glow as everyone’s cell phone, it can also make it cheaper and easier to change and update prices, or swap out menu items all together. With a traditional menu board, you would have to reprint it and throw away the old one, which is time consuming and wasteful. With a digital menu board, it is done instantly. A digital menu board can also change over when your service does. If you stop serving breakfast at 10am. A Digital Signage player can instantly flip over to your lunch menu the moment the clock hits 10:00am. Lastly, a digital menu board can highlight daily or weekly specials. By showing a picture of the food and a brief description along with some animation can increase the sales of that item. Making Digital Signage menu boards a convenient and helpful tool in any counter service restaurant or market. Las Lupitas Digital Signage Retail A small retail shop or boutique can also benefit from Digital Signage. Help grab the eye of any potential customer walking by with a Digital Signage board. Show off what products are inside or play a video of your products being used. You could even show a demonstration on how to use the products you sell. Inside the shop, Digital Signage can be used text and animation to provide insight and info about your products. You can also advertise upcoming sales and promotions. Even use your brand to provide helpful info like weather and sports scores. Making Digital Signage a powerful marketing tool in a retail environment. We Can Get You Started Total Merchant Supply can help get you started with Digital Signage. A Digital Signage solution consists of three parts; the TV or monitor screen, the wall mount, and the mini computer that holds all the pictures and videos being displayed on your screen. Total Merchant Supply sells two screens sizes including a 40″ and 55″ TV. We can also provide bigger screens if requested. Total Merchant Supply also offers both stand alone mobile mounts to keep multiple screens together in one flush line or board. Lastly, if you already have a screen you would like to use for Digital Signage; Total Merchant Supply can provide you with just the Digital Signage player to run on your screen. This mini computer can be updated with new pictures, slides and videos remotely through a web portal. Phone and internet support is included for the first year. So why wait? Contact a Total Merchant Supply representative today and get started on bringing all the powerful benefits of Digital Signage to your business! As always, we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.