The world of Retail is detail oriented. You need a versatile software that will allow you to:

  • keep track of color, style, size, type, etc. in a simple and timely way

You also need that data tied to reliable reporting. There are a lot of new products you need to get in the database and out on the sales floor asap and it’s important for you to know:

  • what’s selling
  • who’s selling it
  • when peaks sales times are.

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Merchant Advantage Point Of Sale Software is reliable Retail software that is as versatile as your business. With our cutting edge technology, it makes our software easy to use and it is cloud based which gives you the ability to access it anywhere you are. With a Cloud-Based software, it takes fewer resources on your computer compared to your traditional retail software options.

Below are some features this software provides:

  • a large matrix for storing and tracking your data and detailed. You can track your items by size, color, style, or department. This makes for great reports and lets you know what the hottest sales for that week or month.
  • accurate reports that help you make important decisions about your business. We have reports that will help you understand what is selling. You can see sales, sales by tenders or departments. You can see all the products you sold by the day, week, or month. You can also see your customers and what they buying. Plus we have employee reports for you to use to manage and track your staff.
  • Our “Add New Product Wizard”. Automatically fills in the product name and barcode information for most products with a simple barcode scan.
  • Easy to build custom screens to fit your business.
  • Use our custom label printing to get your products on the shelves asap.
  • Out software automatically updates every time you boot up your system. No time-consuming updates.

Our Retail POS software gives you the tools to track sales by:

  • Item
  • cashier
  • time

Use it to manage:

  • staff schedules
  • create new POS
  • manage business hours

One of the best features of this software is that it’s Cloud-Based, which gives you 100% uptime. You can keep ringing up sales even during an internet outage. All your transactions will automatically sync to the cloud once your internet is restored. Our Cloud-Based software lets you check sales in real time anywhere you have an internet connection. Another great feature with Merchant Advantage POS is that there is no huge upfront cost on software licenses, with it being Cloud-Based it is a low monthly fee. Our software is supported on Windows Operating System.

You have enough to worry about with running your business, you need a software that will take some of the workload off you so you can put your efforts elsewhere ie: selling your products! As always, we are here to help. Let us know f you have any questions.

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