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How do I access Remote Helper in Merchant Advantage POS
From anywhere, select the Menu icon in the top right corner, and then select Remote Help on the bottom row.
How do I pull up a sales summary report in Merchant Advantage POS

Click the menu icon, and go to ‘Reports”. From this page, enter the information for start and end dates, and add filters in the box below. You can either click, “Print” to print the report, “View” to View the report, and “Email” to email a copy of the report.

How do I enter tips/close a batch in Merchant Advantage POS
From the login screen, click on the “Menu” icon, and go to “Settled Trans”. From this page, you can manually select the orders you wish to add tips to, and enter the tips accordingly. Once all the tips have been added, you can close the batch by selecting “Capture All”.
How do I add an Employee in Merchant Advantage POS
Click on Menu icon, and go to “Employees”. Once in this page, you can click on “Employee list, and select the level at which this employee will be working. Click “Add user, and enter the employees information.

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