All business owners understand how important it is to have control of their inventory. In this day and age all but them most primitive POS systems can track current inventory on hand. This is crucial for making good management decisions regarding what items to expand or discontinue. In virtually all systems inventory totals are reduced by 1 unit each time an item is sold. So why aren’t inventory totals always correct?? Human error is most often the reason. Errors in checking out items are a small part of this, even smaller if you are scanning most products. Errors in receiving are a large contributor to inventory error. 

The use of Purchase Orders in the receiving process can reduce those errors. In a multi-store environment, inventory transfer between stores can be a huge hole waiting for merchandise to disappear through. While human error can never be totally eliminated, having continuous positive control over all of your inventory is a goal that few POS systems can achieve. 

With Merchant Advantage POS, you get real time inventory control that you can rely on. The software can help tighten your receiving processes, both individually and by PO. As sales are made the detail of each sale remains in the system virtually forever. When something is returned in resellable condition, it’s scanned and goes back into inventory. And inventory level by item is viewable online as well as across multiple stores.

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